Bayt Almandi مطعم حلالis Orient Cuicine

Our orient food (حلال) coming from a supplier that uses halal practices (Dhabīḥah ذَبِيْحَة).

Discover our muslim halal food (حلال)

Bayt AlmandiTaste Orient

Bayt Almandi is adamant that our kitchen is 100 % halal.
Looking for a good halal table? Kebabs, mezze, sushi, tandoori chicken and couscous ...
We uses to bake all products as a substitute for any alcohol or doubtful animal-based ingredients. We made all the preparations to create sweet goodness that anyone consuming halal would be happy about: alcohol-free extracts, halal gelatin for things like marshmallows, halal meats for the savory samosas (they’re awesome, mashallah).

Hassan, Chef cook

Halal Certificate

Halal Food

Starting from ₴19

حلآل الر شيد حلا لم ست حبّمطعم حلالCertificated Halal Food

  • Chicken Soup

  • Afghan Gyro

  • Chopan Kabob

  • Kadu Chalau

  • Vege Aushak

  • Tikka Kabob

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I am new to Odessa and I use halal (الطعام الحلال) to live in Pakistan, I tried their food last tuesday and it founded very good. It was alot better than some halal places in Ukraine. The owner seemed very nice and i like the idea of a dromaders pictures at te wall. Menue cheaper like in Kiev halal restaraunt and has good variety. Definitely will go them next week.

نُرْجَمَالْ Nurjamal

The Owners of Bayt Almandi Catering have expended their business and opened in the center of student city. Now their muslim students have a place to sit down and eat halal. They have dinner buffet everyday and it is the best. This is the place of to go for great حَلَالٌ‎‎ food and low prices.

Phathima فاطمة الساحرة

One of my favorite places in Odessa. You can never go wrong catering halal from Bayt Almandi. Cuicine is very good, I also recommend their Chicken Kebab. They have halal (حَلَالٌ‎‎) everyday from morning to night. wish they would introduce Buffet during lunch time. The owner has a great voice, ask him to do some Naat for you :)

Umair Arshad
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Поздравляем с началом Священного месяца …

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Halal beef tongue

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Halal Beef with Peppers

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Bayt Almandi providing the halal food since 2004. Home cuicine place for rest and halal حَلَالٌ‎‎ food.


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